In addition to bringing joy to hundreds of thousands of children nationwide, Project Toy Drop events foster a positive relationship between the children and the communities where they live. Building a bond between local city and county officials makes a positive impact on their relationship in the future.


Here’s what others are saying about Kids Wish Network and Project Toy Drop

“I would like to say thank you to Project Toy Drop. They brought joy to our county and the four cities…we’ve never experienced anything of this magnitude. To see all of it, it was just a thrill.” ~ Mayor Alfred McClendon of Madisonville


“It went very well. Everyone was very positive and appreciative…those children will be able to have a Christmas now and Project Toy Drop showed the true giving spirit of the holidays.” ~Chief Gregg Breeden of Madisonville


“This was the first time I’ve ever seen the eyes of so many children brighten up at once. You don’t know how much it really means for our town.” ~ Sergeant Bill Bivins of Madisonville


“The Project Toy Drop event was remarkable. Providing toys to thousands of children facing adversity was truly touching. Our entire community – citizen volunteers, firefighters, police offices and many others – joined the effort, revealing their caring and positive nature of reaching out to help others. We greatly appreciate Project Toy Drop providing our community with a magical moment that will live on for years to come!” ~ Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, KY


“I thought it was absolutely wonderful. There was a lot of joy in our community and the City of Palatka truly thanks Project Toy Drop.” ~ Palatka Mayor Vernon Myers


“It truly was better than a Christmas morning as I watched families who struggle daily making ends meet ‘light up’ as their kids were handed a bag of toys – sometimes larger than them. The event also allowed our city police, fire, staff, and leaders to see firsthand the joy and comfort a single gesture can bring in the lives of those burdened by poverty. For both the givers and receivers, it was a day of inspiration and motivation that would never have been possible without the efforts of Project Toy Drop.” ~ Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer


“Project Toy Drop’s program visited our community and brought smiles to the kids they presented gifts to and melted the hearts of the volunteers who participated” ~ Gallup Mayor Jackie McKinney


“We are thankful to Project Toy Drop, our City departments, and other partners for bringing this positive experience to our community. The opportunity to bring hope and joy to our youth is essential as we reshape our city’s future” ~ San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis

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